Beyond Homo Sapiens: Enlighten Faith

Book 3

‘Enlightened Faith’ is a lightening bolt of insight that cuts to the heart of today’s vital issues and pleas for effective change that can save humanity from self-destruction.

Time is a wheel of continuous movement; the present is the fruit of the past and the future is the fruit of the present; any hope for a better future requires that we understand the past and change the present. With the final chapter of the Beyond Homo Sapiens trilogy, the author, Colombian surrealist painter Mariú Suárez, completes her thought-provoking retelling of the clash between the progressive and reactionary movements throughout history; a perpetual battle against our primordial selfishness that has brought humanity to its current crisis point. The trilogy is a mystical and historical journey that sheds light on the causes and reasons why Homo Sapiens were, and continue to be, corrupt and demeaning to each other.

Beyond Homo Sapiens: Enlightened Faith is the last book of the trilogy that concludes the series with the history of the struggle of progressive thinkers and activists during the last 140 years to help people recognize their universality and achieve enlightenment. Here, the author shows that the ongoing fight for human rights and social justice is a battle against the interests of the privileged few who work to stay in power by keeping the rest of us anchored in our automatic reactions of self-defense and infighting, immediate gratification and reproduction. Ms. Suarez painstakingly demonstrates that at present humanity finds itself at a perilous crossroad: one direction takes us to annihilation, the other to the dawn of a new era of peaceful evolution.

Yet Ms. Suarez finds hope in the advances in human knowledge and describes how they can help lead us to our next phase in evolution, one in which we shift from pure competition to a more cooperative mode. “We can make the changes we need to make to survive,” explains Ms. Suarez, “if we consciously choose to shift our innate animalistic survival instinct from individual survival mode to universal survival mode.” With Enlightened Faith, she provides readers new insights for personal and worldly methods for self and universal improvement.

Highly descriptive, equally compelling, heartfelt and very cerebral, Beyond Homo Sapiens: Enlightened Faithis an illuminating read for anyone in search of hope amongst today’s apocalyptic news headlines.